It’s fascinating to think that – during the brick-and-mortar bookie era – sports betting remained largely the same for decades. After all, the pace of change in the past two decades or so has been relentless. The internet obviously changed everything, but even offshoots of that – like social media – are consistently evolving how we bet.

‘Request A Bet’ promotions simply didn’t exist a few years ago. Now, every sportsbook has tied into the modern craze for social media by offering some form of ‘build a bet’ deal. Fortunately for you, we’ve tried out all the best ones, and will provide details on them – along with a general explanation of this offer – below! Let’s get stuck in.

Best Bet Builders (Updated: April 2022)

Ladbrokes GetAPrice
Ladbrokes #GetAPrice
Tweet @Ladbrokes #GetAPrice to request a price on a wide range of football markets, including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and others. If the #GetAPrice market you request doesn’t exist, Ladbrokes will do what it can to create one for you. Maximum payout £25k. #GetAPrice cannot be combined with other offers. T&Cs apply.
Coral Build Your Bet
Coral Build Your Bet
Instantly get a price on the bets you create on a number of football markets with Build Your Bet. It is available on 100+ football leagues and competition. It is also possible to cash out Build Your Bet selections placed through the Match Markets tab. Applies to selected markets only. Build Your Bet bets cannot be combined with any other bets. Prices subject to fluctuation. T&Cs apply.
888Sport Bet Builder
888sport Bet Builder
Use Bet Builder to create match multiple on all the biggest games! This gives you the chance to get a price on your own unique football bets. Withdrawal restrictions, payment methods, country & Full T&C’s apply. 18+, BeGambleAware
William Hill #YourOdds
William Hill #YourOdds
Tweet your offer @WilliamHill with #YourOdds and William Hill will help to bring your unique punting predictions to fruition. Every week all Championship, Premier League, League 1 and League 2 matches. Selected live gams on Sky Sports and BT can be combined in multi-match offer. Betting rules and terms apply. T&Cs apply.
Betfred PickYourPunt
Betfred PickYourPunt
Build your own bet with PickYourPunt builder and get a price instantly on selected events. This feature covers all the major leagues around the globe. If you cannot find what you’re seeking, Tweet at Betfred #PickYourPunt to find the week’s qualifying events. Singles only. Void if any leg of your request is voided. T&Cs apply.
Casumo Build Your Own Bet
Casumo Build You Own Bet
Build an Acca on a single game with Casumo’s builder tool. Building your own bets has never been easier! T&Cs apply.
BoyleSports BetBuilder
BoyleSports BetBuilder
Get creative with BoyleSports BetBuilder feature and create your own personalised Football bets! T&Cs apply.
BoyleSports BetBuilder Matches
BoyleSports BetBuilder Matches
Place a BoyleSports BetBuilder bet on any Rugby Union match and get paid double the winnings on all BetBuilder bets as a free bet up to a max £/€500. T&Cs apply.
FansBet Up to £20 Free Bet
FansBet Up to £20 Free Bet
Mobile bettors, get yourself an up to £20 Free Bet each Sunday! Place a “Bet Builder” on Mobile on Sunday. Minimum 4 selections at 1.5 minimum odds per selection. If your bet wins, you will get a Free Bet matching your stake up to £20. Free Bet min. odds of 1.2. This offer is available for mobile only and is only available on Sundays. Free Bets valid for 7 days after point of issue. T&Cs apply.
FansBet Bet Builder
FansBet Bet Builder
FansBet lets you build your acca your way and get instant odds! Offer available on pre-match and live basketball and football markets only. Applies only to single bets. Only regular 90 minutes count. Cash Out and Edit My Bet features excluded from offer. Available only on mobile. T&Cs apply.
Fun88 Your Fun88 Bet
Fun88 Your Fun88 Bet
Use Build Your Own Bet to customise your mobile betting experience at Fun88. This feature lets you customise your bet creation on various football and basketball markets. Feature available exclusively on the Fun88 mobile sportsbook platform. T&Cs apply.
Funbet Freebet with Your Bet
Funbet Freebet with YourBet
Create personalised bets and accas from selections within the same event with the YourBet feature. To qualify for a €5 Free Bet, opt-in and place a bet of €10 or higher of at least 3 selections with minimum odds of 3.00. The YourBet feature is for mobile only and applies to only pre-match and live football and pre-match basketball. T&Cs apply.

What is a ‘Build Your Bet’ Feature?

As noted, ‘build a bet’ offers are a way in which modern sportsbooks have tied in to social media. They facilitate a more personal relationship with your bookie, and give you an extra level of control over your multiples betting.

In short, these handy promotions allow you to build a bet using whatever markets and individual selections you like. You’re encouraged to get as creative as you please, nailing down exactly what you think will happen in a given matchup or event.

Once you’ve decided on your selections, you hop onto social media (usually Twitter), follow that bookie’s instructions on how to get in touch (which hashtag to use, which account to contact, etc.), request a bet with your given markets, and wait a little while. They’ll then get back to you with bespoke odds on your personalised bet, and give you a link to click. Do so, and your customised bet – along with the odds you were given – will automatically be added to your betslip back on the sportsbook. All you have to do is set a stake, then place the bet as you would any other.

That’s how ‘build a bet’ offers work, in a nutshell. One final note: this is not necessarily the same as a ‘bet builder’; a popular tool which simplifies multiples betting within a sportsbook. The terms are often used interchangeably, so be sure to understand the full context of which bet builder is being talked about!

How Can I Request a Bet?

The specifics of how exactly you request a bet will vary from brand to brand. Doing so on Paddy Power will be slightly different to doing it on Ladbrokes, for example. That said, the main principles will remain the same: you create your own bet with the exact markets you like, reach out on social media to communicate that bet to the brand, and they’ll get back to you with odds and a link you can use. It won’t usually take long for them to reply – often an hour or less – and your bet will usually be accepted and given odds (within reason!).

Just to ensure everything is crystal clear, let’s run through a quick step-by-step example using Coral’s version, named #YourCall.

  1. Create accounts on Coral and Twitter, if you haven’t already
  2. Decide to bet on the upcoming Man City vs Aston Villa game
  3. You like City to win 3-0, Aguero to score first, and Grealish to get a yellow card
  4. Go to Twitter, start your tweet with @Coral, request a bet using those markets, use the hashtag #YourCall, and hit the ‘Tweet’ button
  5. An hour or so later, Coral get back to you
  6. They offer odds of 20/1, and include a link
  7. Click the link, and the bet will automatically be added to your betslip back on Coral’s website
  8. Set a £1 stake, and place the bet as normal
  9. City do win 3-0, with Aguero scoring first, and Grealish gets carded in the 80th minute
  10. Your personalised bet wins! You return £21, good for a £20 profit

Top Bet Builders

It didn’t take long for bookies to understand the value of this promotion type, and – nowadays – just about every major sportsbook offers some version of it. Some are definitely better than others, though, whether that be in their response times, the odds they offer, or their willingness to engage with all kinds of crazy bet ideas!

Of all your current options on the market, these are the very best.

Paddy Power – #WhatOddsPaddy

Attention-grabbing advertising has been vital to Paddy Power’s growth, and they’ve made social media a key part of this. Their #WhatOddsPaddy promotion is simply the latest example, allowing you to get tailored odds on whatever betting market you please.

Unlike other versions, Paddy Power’s ‘request a bet’ deal isn’t just limited to football; it can be used on a whole range of sporting (and even non-sporting) events. If you’d like to see what other people have already gotten odds for, Paddy Power have a dedicated #WhatOddsPaddy page on their sportsbook, from which you can add pre-packaged markets straight to your betslip.

William Hill – #YourOdds

One of the most popular ‘build a bet’ promotions around, William Hill took over two million #YourOdds requests during the 2018 World Cup alone. Football is the most popular sport amongst bettors using this offer, but William Hill are perfectly happy to dish out bespoke odds on the likes of horse racing, tennis, golf, and cricket too.

You can bundle up to four selections into any bet you can imagine, and – on their social media accounts – William Hill do a great job of drawing attention to recent successful #YourOdds picks.

Betway – #BetYourWay

Betway are comfortably the youngest brand on this list, having only been founded in 2006, but they’ve grown incredibly quickly in this short amount of time. One reason for this has certainly been their skillful use of promotions, with #BetYourWay being yet another example.

In addition to suggesting a number of unusual markets themselves, and posting examples of odds already requested, Betway allow you – of course – to create your very own multiples bet too. Naturally you can do so on football, but Betway also offer customised odds on everything from tennis to the NFL.

Ladbrokes – #GetAPrice

On the other end of the spectrum, Ladbrokes are by far the oldest bookie on this list! They’ve done a great job of sticking with the times though, with #GetAPrice just one aspect of their excellent social media offering. At any one time, there should be plenty of pre-priced examples already available on Ladbrokes’ website. Getting your own odds is extremely easy, though, with response times for #GetAPrice generally excellent. Football is the clear focus here, with a whole range of major leagues, match markets and player-specific stats available.

What Are the Advantages of Creating Your Own Bet?

Cynical observers might dismiss ‘request a bet’ offers as simply a half-hearted attempt by sportsbooks to stay relevant using social media. This is patently not true. In fact, these promotions bring a whole range of benefits to the bettor, with these being some of the biggest.

Unprecedented control

This is by far the biggest advantage of ‘build a bet’ promotions. Rather than being limited to the same old markets, you can truly make your own bet which represents exactly what you think will happen in a given sporting matchup. Just a few years ago, this scope for creativity simply didn’t exist.

Ease of use

Trawling through hundreds of markets for a single sports event can be extremely tedious. Sometimes, you’ll do so only to discover that the selections you’ve chosen aren’t even eligible for a multiples bet!

By contrast, it could hardly be quicker or easier to request a bet from your bookie. The entire process – going to your Twitter account, sending a tweet, and subsequently adding the odds to your betslip – takes little more than a minute of your time.

‘Resetting the odds’

When it comes to pricing odds, one of a bookie’s main factors is what their competitors are offering. No bookie wants to be massively out of line in this regard, and risk either a massive loss or getting too little action.

When you request a bet that’s particularly creative, the chances are that your bookie’s competitors won’t already have prices on it. Thus, your bookie can offer whatever price it likes, which – given that your one bet isn’t likely to drive a massive amount of action – will usually be higher than normal.

Getting inspired

So far, we’ve focused on the advantages when you make your own bet. As touched upon, though, many bookies will actually post about bets which other users have already created, with pre-priced odds. Thus, if you’re short on inspiration but really fancy a high-risk, high-reward bet… you’ve got plenty of ideas waiting for you whenever you want them!

Request a Bet Offers Terms & Conditions

In terms of sheer volume of terms and conditions, ‘build a bet’ offers have some of the fewest of any promotion type. Which is great!

You’re still likely to encounter a handful of T’s & C’s, though, with these being the most likely.

Minimum Deposit

This is one of the most common restrictions you’ll find amongst betting promotions… but fortunately, it’s also one you’re unlikely to deal with when it comes to ‘build a bet’ deals! The only exceptions will be when a sportsbook builds their sign up offer around this concept, but that’s pretty rare. We believe Sky Bet have done so in the past, but no major current sportsbook has such an offer.

Wagering Requirements

Naturally minimum odds aren’t a problem here, as you simply have to bet using the odds you’re given. Likewise, you’ll rarely find a minimum stake for these offers. Instead, you’ll simply have to abide by the sportsbook’s general minimum stake rules; normally £0.05 – £0.10 per bet.

Validity Period

The validity period for a ‘build a bet’ wager will usually be pretty short. It will end when the event starts, but the starting point is a little more flexible. Bookies won’t usually have ‘rules’ about the earliest you can request a bet, but be realistic; don’t expect to get odds on a specific football match a month in advance!

Payment Options

When it comes to which payment you use, the only potential troublesome one is free bets. Sportsbooks usually have their own rules on how these can be used; make sure you check out the T’s & C’s for your bookie’s free bets instead of simply assuming you can use them!

Bottom Line

So, now you know exactly what a ‘request a bet’ promotion is, how to use one for yourself, and which bookies currently have the best versions. The extent to which these offers interest you, of course, depends on your own betting preferences.

If you’re a die-hard ‘no multiples bets, ever!’ kind of bettor, then naturally you can steer clear. But if – like most bettors – you enjoy mixing in multiples wagers with your regular singles picks, ‘build a bet’ offers are an excellent way to do so. They offer an unprecedented level of control regarding the bets you can put together, are extremely easy to use, and – as noted earlier – can often deliver higher odds than a regular, common multiples bet. Like all multi-selection wagers, they’re obviously harder to win than singles, but with much greater rewards on offer, there’s still the potential to find plenty of value here.

Overall, ‘request a bet’ promotions are simply a fun and innovative way to craft creative, unusual multiples bets. If that’s something that appeals to you, we’d highly encourage you to try out one of the examples listed in our ‘Top Bet Builders’ section, above.